Terms and Condition

Terms And Condition

1. At Trade4FastPay LTD, we DO NOT trade on your behalf, we are strictly a intermediary consulting firm between buyers and sellers of bitcoin.

2. Any amount sent less than $250 will not be refunded . Please ensure to refresh this page due to wallet address changes .

3. We do NOT store or keep bitcoins for clients. If FOR ANY REASON this is done, it will be at your own discretion we WILL NOT be held liable for any losses which may have occurred or you may have incurred due to any transactions willingly done by you.

4. We do not trade or represent ourself as any form of investment company, therefore you are very aware that we are not offering any form of investment packages.

5. Take note of the following; if you choose to proceed and deposit your bitcoins on our website, ANY action taken by you after depositing these bitcoins DIRECTLY into the wallet on our website will be at your own risk.

6. Trade4FastPay Ltd will not be held liable for any losses you may incur or which may occur due to the action you have taken after depositing your bitcoins.

Any money sent to us privately apart from selling your bitcoins on our website is at your own Risk. Trade4FastPay LTD will not be responsible for any such losses.
You are fully aware, not under duress or undue influence, of age, of sound mind and willingly agreeing to these terms and conditions set out on our website.

Trade4FastPay will not be responsible for any loss of investment in bitcoins.